From The Pros: Eye Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

For the brown-eyed gals out there, there are so many choices when it comes down to creating the perfect eye makeup look. Because brown doesn’t have a complementary or opposite color on the color wheel, just about any eye makeup color will pair well with brown eyes.

If you have are looking for eye makeup tips for brown eyes, look no further. One good thing about brown eyes is that they look good with just about any eye shadow color, from light to dark. Depending on your shade of brown, there are certain colors that will complement your look better than others. Check out these tips straight from the makeup artist pros.

Determining Your Shade of Brown Since most eye shadow colors work well with brown eyes, one of the most important steps when following eye makeup tips for brown eyes is to determine what shade of brown you have. If you have deep brown eyes that can pass for black, ideally you want to go for eye makeup colors in the medium to dark range of colors. Medium brown eyes look good with just about any color, especially green, while light brown eyes look good with colors such as light yellow that bring out the golden flecks.

Choosing the Right Color Keep in mind that lighter colors bring out and maximize the size of your eyes, while darker colors minimize and contour. Another one of the more important eye makeup tips for brown eyes is to combine dark eyeliner with lighter eye shadow in order to emphasize your eyes. For dark brown eyes, medium to dark eye shadow shades will work well with your color. Plum, dark green and rich greys are all great color choices. Be sure to examine the flecks of lighter color in your eyes in order to select an appropriate eyeliner color.

For medium brown eyes, try playing around with violet, green and bronze-colored eye shadows. Because medium brown goes well with any color, you can even apply multiple colors for a multi-dimensional look. For light brown eyes, be sure to examine the flecks in your eyes. If you have golden flecks in your irises, use pale yellow as a highlight. You want to be careful not to overpower your shade of brown, so limit the darker shadows that you use in the crease area.

To draw attention to your eyes, keep other makeup, such as lips and cheeks, more neutral, and apply lighter shades like pink and taupe to open your eyes and give them a more natural look. Shimmer eye shadow will brighten your brown eyes, and for a smoky look, go for grey eye shadows.

Creating a Solid Base Prior to applying your eyeshadow color, it is important to remember that you need to apply an eye makeup base first in order to create a smooth surface for the eye color to latch on to. Doing so will help your eye makeup look last longer, and it will prevent your shadow from clumping around your eyes. You should select an eye base color that is close to your skin tone and spread across the eyelid area with either an eyeshadow brush or your fingers.

Apply the base gently, making sure that you get it all across the eyelid, in the crease and all the way up to the brow bone. Blend it well with your skin  doing this should lighten your eyes and brighten them without making too dramatic of a difference. The next step is to then apply the color.

Application of Color Follow these steps for applying your eye makeup: First apply lighter eye shadow from your lash to your brow. Then apply medium eye shadow in your crease and blend upwards. Dark shadow should be applied only on the other corner of your eyelid. Another one of the important eye makeup tips for brown eyes is to apply shimmer eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes for a brightening effect.

One important eye makeup tip is to always start lighter. It is much easier to layer color and apply more than it is to remove excess eye shadow. Avoid applying deeper colors to your brow bone area unless you are looking for an extra dramatic look. You can, however, apply more neutral colors to the brow bone for a lighter day look.

For an everyday simple look, add color into your crease (halfway to your eyebrow_, and blend upward. You can also apply darker eye colors on the outer corner of your eyes in a horizontal V shape, then add more of the dark makeup in the crease. Use the light eye shadow to highlight the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows. Keep in mind that liquid and creamy eye shadow are easier to apply and blend, but you also need to give them time to dry.

Standing Out with Eye Liner For dark brown eyes, eyeliner colors that really define and accentuate the eyes are the darker browns and mauves. For a more dramatic look that adds a bit of color, you can go for a solid gold or bronze eyeliner. For medium eyes, purple and green liners can prove to be a lot of fun. If you really want to amp up your look for the evening, experiment with metallic eyeliner in either copper or bronze.

For lighter brown eyes, you should skip the black eyeliner and go for a dark brown instead. Keep in mind this rule of thumb: the lighter the eyes, the lighter the eyeliner color. If you have really light eyes that are almost hazel, look for a liner that has champagne tones with violet, bronze or brown liner. Another trick you can try is lining your upper lids with a dark liner then applying a lighter liner to your lower lids for a two-toned look.

Dont Forget Those Brows Eyebrows play a powerful role in accentuating and defining our eyes. They have the ability to make or break a look, so make sure that your brows are properly threaded or tweezed so that they look neat and tidy. Purchase a two-toned brow makeup kit and carefully apply the brow powder throughout your brows in order to fill in any sparse areas and to give your brows an overall fuller look.

Many people prefer brow powder as opposed to brow liner because it is softer and does not look as harsh, guaranteeing a subtle and well-blended look that is natural. Powders are also easier to correct if you make a mistake or over apply. You can also apply a brow liner prior to the powder, but make sure to choose a color that is one to two shades lighter than your current brow color. If you use a color that is the exact same shade as your hair color, it will darken once it makes contact with your skin, which will then make your brows look too dark and unnatural. If you experience difficulties trying to find an exact match, you may want to consider blending a lighter shade with a darker one in order to create the ultimate customized brow color.

Final Touches The final part of the look is mascara. First, curl your lashes with a good quality eye curler, then coat your lashes with a waterproof mascara. Wait a few minutes before applying a second coat for added definition and length. For longer lasting mascara, you may want to consider applying a clear gel mascara first, which will thicken the lashes and make them appear fuller.

For a more natural look, go for brown mascara. For a more dramatic evening look, try either black or navy blue mascara. Another special tip is to lightly dip a powder puff into translucent powder and gently press around the eyelid area. This will help seal in your eyeliner and prevent it from running. (Note: do this prior to applying mascara so as not to smudge). Be sure to follow these effortless and easy to follow eye makeup tips for brown eyes that will stun everyone, including yourself.

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